“Do you really think God cares if you go to church every Sunday?”

I go to mass in a Roman Catholic Church every Sunday. I have often been met with the question, “Why?”, from Protestants and non-believers alike. Followed by the title of this piece. Do I really think God cares if I go to church every Sunday? Yes. I do. But my why does not require scripture or the evidence that my inquirers always expect. It may exist, but I don’t need it. I go to church every Sunday because I believe we should want to.

I have heard so many times the anti-church lament that we shouldn’t have to worship God in a church. That believing in Him is enough, and if we pray from time to time, we should be alright. Maybe that’s true. When I get to heaven’s gate, I guess I’ll find out. But how does that set us apart from any other human? Even the faintest of believers pray in desperate moments. We need our time in the sanctuary. It should not be difficult for us to set aside one day, even just an hour of a day, to spend time with Jesus. It is like any other important relationship in our universes. You get coffee with friends. You go home on breaks from college to see your family. You have date nights with your spouse. God is as important as these relationships. No, he is the most important of these relationships. And just like the people we love, it is not and should never be a chore to spend time with Him.

An hour of your Sunday. An hour to sit and be with Jesus and say what you need. Thank you. Help me. It is in Sunday mass that He is presented to us body and blood. And we get to participate! We get to become one with him. How can we possibly expect our loved ones to really know us if we never choose to spend time with them? Time is the most valuable thing we can give another, and time with Jesus begins with a Sunday in the sanctuary.