The one.

“When I met my wife, being with her wasn’t like anything else. No one I had ever experienced compared to her. They weren’t bad people. I could’ve been really happy with many of them. But there was just no contest. And when I found her, I knew that. I guess that’s what they say about soul mates existing.” – J.L.


2 thoughts on “The one.

  1. Then that means this must have been a long and hard journey. He had to have gone through a significant amount of pain or unfulfillment in order to reach the conclusion he has. Such experiences allowed him to realize the nature of the void inside him and what it required to be fulfilled, therefore, those “that were no contest,” failed to prove necessary for filling that void.

    For me that is the only explanation for, “just knowing” that they are the one. What do you think?

    Nice post too.

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